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Mitchell & King
Mitchell & King Approved Detailer

Mitchell & King Detailing

Professional detailing at Seal-it wax-it in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Reading : 07834 608856  /  Aylesbury: 01296 329811

All cars will be thoroughly washed and decontaminated before any stage of machining. Once this has been carried out, we will then apply a panel wipe down ready for coating of your choice. Choose size and condition of car.
Small car i.e. VW Polo. Fiat 500
Medium car i.e. VW golf. Audi A3
Large car i.e. BMW 5 series. Audi A6
4×4 i.e. Range Rover sport. Mercedes ML


One-stage Machine polish with Rupes ultrafine gel. Recommended for new cars with near perfect paint work.
Small £170
Medium £180
Large £190
4×4 £200


Two-stage machine polish with Rupes Keramik fine gloss plus Diamond ultrafine gel. Recommended for new/nearly new cars with fine blemishes from poor washing.
Small £270
Medium £280
Large £290
4×4 £300


Three-stage machine polish with Rupes Quarts gloss medium, Keramik gloss fine and Diamond Ultra fine gel. Recommended on 1 to 4 years old cars with light scratches and swirls and water spotting.
Small £350
Medium £360
Large £370
4×4 £380


Four-stage machine polish with Rupes Zephir high grade gel compound, Rupes Quarz gloss medium, Keramik gloss Fine and Diamond Ultra fine. Recommended for deep scratches on all panels. Please note some scratches can be judged too big to remove.
Small £430
Medium £440
Large £450
4×4 £460

The prices shown above include a coating of Mitchell & King Titan on all paintwork or you can go for any of the upgrades+add ons of your choice at a extra cost.

Mitchell & King Titan

Mitchell & King Titan (durability 2-3 months)
If you are wanting an incredible wet shine, Titan is exactly what you’re looking for. Titan uses the finest ingredients to ensure your car is looking its best, in addition to this you can layer it with your car wax, to add even more gloss!


Mitchell & King Atomic

Mitchell & King Atomic (durability 1-2 years)
Atomic is a flexible coating developed with the natural waxuser in mind. It moves with your car, ensuring less cracking and bettercoverage.
+£80 per layer

Mitchell & King Lotus

Mitchell & King Lotus (durability 3-6 months)
Inspired by the Lotus leaf, superb beading, and hydrophobicity. Super High Gloss. Extreme Beading
+£40 per layer

Add Ons

Mitchell & King Armour
Armour protects your wheels for months and is effective against all types of road debris and winter salt. Your wheels will stay cleaner for longer and will be much easier to clean. Plus you can use less abrasive methods to achieve a sparkling shine.
£20 per layer - faces only

Mitchell & King Vision

Mitchell & King Vision
Vision will make your glass easier to clean and keep clean, reducing smearing and making bird bombs and insects residue a thin of the past. Vision can be successfully layered.
£10 per layer

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